SPC&U Programme

Fuel Type SPC&U Members Discount
Petrol 10%*
Diesel 10%* + 5%* Special Discount
*Discounts subject to change without prior notice  


“SPC & U” Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is the new SPC&U card?
    • The new SPC&U card provides a fresh new look that comes with an improved SPC&U programme. The main focus of the SPC&U programme is to give value to and reward you, our loyal customers, with instant discounts and no accumulation of spending required.
    • New features are incorporated into the card to provide added convenience. The new SPC&U card is a contactless card. When SPC rewards you with vouchers, these can be in the form of e-vouchers stored in your registered membership account for use when patronizing at SPC service station. In such programmes, you do not need to bring along physical vouchers and thus minimizing loss of these vouchers.
    • Furthermore, if you are a registered SPC&U member, we will be able to update you periodically on some of our programmes that continue to bring better value to you and your family members.
  2. Is the SPC&U programme a point-based accumulation system?
    • The SPC&U programme rewards SPC customers with instant discounts. There is no need for accumulation of purchases or points. The more you spend, the more you save on the spot.
  3. Can I still use the old SPC&U card (Red/Yellow)?
    • The old SPC&U cards will expire on 16th September 2014. Only new cards can be used from that date onwards.
  4. When can I exchange or apply for the new SPC&U card?
    • You can exchange or apply for the new SPC&U card from 16th September 2014 at all SPC service stations.
  5. How do I get the new SPC&U card?
    • Visit any of our 40 SPC service stations, present your NRIC/FIN or driving license to our cashiers and they will gladly assist you.
  6. Why do I need to provide my NRIC/FIN number?
    • Your NRIC/FIN number is used to tag your new SPC&U card to you. Your NRIC/FIN number will be used as your membership login ID for registration of your new SPC&U card and to access membership details in our members’ portal.
  7. What else must I do after getting my new SPC&U card?
    • We strongly recommend that you register your new SPC&U card at our members’ portal immediately to enjoy full benefits.
  8. What are the full benefits if I am a registered SPC&U member?
    • Registering your new SPC&U card entitles you to benefits such as:
      • Receive instant SPC&U card discount
      • Members’ treats
      • Participate in attractive programmes
      • Participate in members’ only events which may be organized from time to time
      • Receive e-vouchers (where applicable)
  9. What benefits do I get if I do not register my new SPC&U card?
    • Non-registered members will only be entitled to instant SPC&U discount. Without your registration and information, we will not be able to engage you in our programmes.
  10. How much will it cost to get an SPC&U card?
    • The first SPC &U card issued is free of charge.
  11. Do I need to pay for replacement if I lose or damage my card?
    • The first 2 replacement cards will also be issued free of charge.
    • An administrative fee of $2 will be applicable from the 3rd replacement card onwards.
  12. Is there any expiry date for the SPC&U membership?
    • There is no expiry date for SPC&U membership. Your SPC&U membership is valid throughout the programme from the day of issuance, subject to usage of your SPC&U card at least once every 6 months.
  13. Can I have more than 1 SPC&U card to my NRIC/FIN for my family?
    • Each NRIC/FIN number is entitled to only 1 active SPC&U card. There will be no more issuance of supplementary cards. We encourage all individuals to obtain an SPC&U card for themselves.
  14. Do I need to fill up an application form?
    • We have upgraded our system and there’s no need for hardcopy sign-ups. This provides better security to your personal data by minimizing data entry requirements. For your convenience, you can now register using our members’ portal. To access this portal, please visit ‘www.spc.com.sg/members’.
  15. How do I register my new SPC&U card?
    • To register your new SPC&U card, you will need to go into the SPC members’ portal. There are 2 ways which you may access the SPC members’ portal:
      • scan the QR code on the new SPC&U leaflet with your mobile devices (mobile phone or tablet), or
      • visit ‘www.spc.com.sg/members’ using your personal computer or mobile devices.
    • For new registrations, you will need to use your NRIC/FIN number as your login ID and the 16 digit SPC&U card number as your first time login password. Thereafter, please follow the on-screen guide to complete the registration.
  16. How do I update my personal details?
    • Updating of personal details can be done through our members’ portal at ‘www.spc.com.sg/members’ using the tab ‘My profile’.
    • You will need to use your NRIC/FIN NUMBER as your login ID and your personal password to access your account.
  17. What is SPC going to do with my personal data?
    • With your permission, we may use personal data to inform you of our business and the products or services available from us. You may at any time notify us to cease receiving such communications.
  18. How secure is your system to protect my personal data?
    • We will protect your personal data in our possession or control by making reasonable security arrangements to prevent unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, disposal or similar risks.
    • We may, however, disclose personal data if required to do so by law or if such action is necessary to comply with legal requirements or process, to protect and defend our rights or property, or to protect the personal safety of any individual.
    • For sites to which you log in, you are responsible to ensure the security of your password and not to reveal information to others. If you are sharing a computer with any one, you should always log out after use so that subsequent users will not be able to access your data.
  19. How do I get a replacement card for my lost or damage card?
    • Replacement card can be obtained from any of our 40 SPC service stations. Replacing a card is a simple two-step process:
      • Present your NRIC/FIN to our cashier
      • Obtain your replacement card
    • Your previous card will be de-activated and all your particulars and benefits will be transferred to your new card immediately. An administration fee of $2 will be charged for the 3rd replacement card onwards.
  20. How do I know how many e-vouchers I have in my account?
    • All unused and valid e-vouchers are stored in the member’s account. You can login to your account at our SPC&U members’ portal and select the tab ‘My Voucher’ to view the number of valid e-vouchers in your account and its validity period.
  21. Can I use multiple or combine e-vouchers in my purchase?
    • Multiple e-vouchers may not be combined in a single receipt transaction, unless otherwise stated.
  22. How about the Birthday Treat Campaign?
    • Please be informed that the Birthday Treat Campaign has ceased with effect from 30 September 2014. Our loyal registered SPC&U members can look forward to a variety of marketing programmes coming their way.
  23. Why is my registration not successful?
    • Registration may fail because :
      • You may not have filled up all mandatory fields. Mandatory fields are marked with ‘*’
      • You may not have entered your One-time-PIN (OTP) correctly. Please re-enter your OTP
      • You may not have received your OTP. Please check if you mobile number is correct and request for OTP to be sent again.
      • Entry of wrong CAPTCHA code (i.e. the code at the end of the form of the registration page). Please re-enter CAPTCHA code for security reasons.
  24. How do I reset my password if I forgot my password?
    • You can obtain a temporary password to access your account by selecting the ‘reset password’ link in the member login page. You will be required to provide your NRIC/FIN number and the mobile number that you use in your registered profile. A password reset SMS containing a temporary password will be sent to your registered mobile phone. After logging in with your temporary password, you will be prompted to change your password. You are encouraged to update your personal details especially your mobile number.
  25. If I had entered my date of birth wrongly, how do I amend it?
    • For security reason, the date of birth can only be entered once. To amend the date of birth, please call our customer service representative at 1800-4771800 for assistance. All other personal details can be amended once you are in the members’ portal.



“SPC & U” Terms & Conditions

Part A – “SPC & U”

  1. “SPC & U” is a card programme proprietary to Singapore Petroleum Company Limited (“SPC”).
  2. Under the card programme, the “SPC & U” Card (“Card”) is issued by SPC to be used to obtain or redeem benefits and/or privileges under or to participate in any promotions, offers or discounts that are made available by SPC from time to time (any such use of the Card shall hereafter be referred to as “Use of the Card”). Use of the Card is only permitted within Singapore at any of SPC’s service stations and any designated outlets.
  3. “Cardmember” refers to an individual person who has applied to be a member, in whose name a card account has been opened by SPC and to whom a Card has been issued. Any application to be a Cardmember shall be subject to the approval of SPC. Participation in the programme shall be governed by the prevailing terms and conditions set out herein.
  4. The Card is not transferable and the Use of the Card is restricted to the Cardmember only. Each Cardmember shall be entitled to one Card.
  5. All Card applications must be completed via registration by the applicant with SPC with use of the applicant’s identity card and provision of personal data of the applicant. The applicant represents and warrants that the identity card used shall be genuine, and the personal data furnished by him/her to complete the application shall be true and complete. “Personal data” refers to data about an individual who can be identified from that data. Personal Data may include full name, NRIC/FIN or passport number, photograph or video image of an individual, mobile telephone number, name and residential address.
  6. Application for the Card and/or Use of the Card shall constitute full and unreserved acceptance of the terms and conditions herein.
  7. Any individual person aged eighteen (18) or above is eligible to apply, without charge, to be a Cardmember. However, SPC has a right in its sole discretion to reject any application without giving any reason whatsoever.
  8. The Cardmember agrees that SPC may from time to time, without giving prior notice to the Cardmember, vary, add and/or amend the terms and conditions herein set out.
  9. SPC will destroy all records kept of Cardmembers who had registered with SPC prior to 2 July 2014. All Cardmembers who wish to continue with participation in this programme shall be required to re-apply and register online, as set out above.
  10. The amount of personal data collected by SPC depends on whether the Cardmember has only linked Cardmember’s NRIC/FIN to the Card or the Cardmember have also registered his/her Card online.
  11. If Cardmember has only linked Cardmember’s NRIC/FIN number to the Card, the Cardmember’s NRIC/FIN number will only be used to verify the Cardmember’s identity, create and maintain the Cardmember’s membership and to allow the Cardmember’s continued participation in SPC&U.
  12. Cardmember may also choose to enjoy full benefits of SPC&U by registering the Card online by providing the mandatory fields of his/her name, gender, date of birth, address and telephone number.
  13. Personal data furnished shall be used to enable SPC to communicate with Cardmember about SPC’s latest discounts, coupons, promotions, services and other updates relating to SPC’s services. SPC will not disclose Cardmembers’ personal data to any third party for direct marketing purposes without prior consent. Such personal data shall also be used by SPC to manage and improve SPC&U, understand Cardmembers’ needs in order to improve SPC’s products and services, manage promotions, competition, customer surveys and questionnaires. SPC may use and share anonymised information with third parties but this will not include Cardmember’s personal data.
  14. SPC may disclose Cardmember’s personal data to law enforcement agencies and government for security purposes. Such personal data may also be disclosed to SPC’s legal advisors for establishing, exercising or defending SPC’s legal rights, to SPC’s other professional advisors, or as otherwise authorized or required by law. SPC also reserves the right to share Cardmember’s personal data, as is necessary, to investigate suspected unlawful activities.
  15. SPC will cease to retain Cardmember’s personal data, or remove the means by which personal data can be associated with Cardmember when the purposes for which the personal data was collected are no longer valid and when retention is no longer necessary for legal or business purposes. The retention and destruction of personal data will be made in accordance with SPC’s policy and procedures.
  16. When a Cardmember logs into his/her online account, Cardmember shall be responsible to ensure the security of Cardmember’s password and not to reveal his/her personal data to others. If Cardmember is sharing a computer with any one, Cardmember should always log out after use so that subsequent users will not be able to access Cardmember’s SPC&U account.
  17. SPC will not transfer Cardmember’s personal data to a country or territory outside Singapore except in accordance with prescribed requirements under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012.
  18. SPC may collect and store information about Cardmember’s computer, Cardmember’s IP address, operating system and browser type for system administration when Cardmember visits www.spc.com.sg and/or use its online services. SPC may also use cookies on its website and/or for its online services. SPC does not link the information and data automatically collected in the above manner to any personally identifiable information. If SPC does so, notice will be given.
  19. Cardmembers may withdraw their consent for SPC by using the functions available on the Cardmember’s online account information page. Cardmember may also withdraw from further participation in SPC&U.
  20. Any comments, questions or complaint about or requests relating to this General Personal Data Statement can be directed to:Data Protection Officer
    Singapore Petroleum Company Limited
    One Temasek Avenue,
    #27-00 Millenia Tower
    Singapore 039192
    Email: DPO@petrochina.com.sg

    Part B – Issue of the Cards


  21. The Card shall remain at all times the property of SPC and may be used by Cardmember only in accordance with prevailing terms and conditions. SPC reserves the right to require a Card to be returned and/or cancelled on demand without giving any reason whatsoever.
  22. Notification of any loss or theft of a Card may be effected via the SPC Retail Hotline No. 1800-477-1800 or visiting any SPC service station for assistance. SPC shall not be responsible for any transactions made with the Card as a result of loss or theft of the Card effected prior to the receipt by SPC of notice of such loss or theft and SPC shall have the right to debit the Cardmember’s account for any and all such transactions effected.
  23. SPC will not be responsible in any way whatsoever for the loss of the Use of the Card or any misuse of the Card in the event of loss or theft, and SPC shall not be required to provide any compensation whatsoever to any party.
  24. The Cardmember shall take reasonable care of the Card. Should the Card be lost, stolen, damaged or defaced, SPC may cancel the Card and issue a replacement Card but is not obliged to do so and if SPC issues a replacement Card, it has the sole discretion to impose a fee for the replacement Card. The Card shall be confiscated if found to be misused in any way. SPC is entitled up to ten – fifteen (10-15) working days to process and issue a replacement Card.
  25. In the event that the Card is lost, stolen, damaged or defaced, SPC may at its sole discretion carry over any part or the whole of the transaction(s) recorded on the lost or stolen Card to the replacement Card, but is not obliged to do so.
  26. Before leaving the participating SPC service stations or any designated outlets at which the Card is accepted, the Cardmember must check the Card returned to him/her to ensure that he/she has been returned the correct Card.

    Part C- Use of the Card


  27. Prevailing details pertaining to the Use of the Card will be made available from time to time by SPC. All such details which may be amended or varied at SPC’s sole discretion shall be deemed incorporated herein and all Cardmembers shall be bound accordingly.
  28. At the discretion of SPC, certain permitted purchases from SPC’s service stations and any designated outlets may be eligible to be recorded at the time of the purchase, as a transaction in the Card. Such transactions accumulated over a specified period may qualify the Cardmember to certain benefits, privileges, promotions, offers or discounts within a specified period. Such benefits, privileges, promotions, offers or discounts may be obtained or claimed by the Cardmember at SPC’s service stations and any designated outlets. Use of the Card is in addition to any prevailing on-site discounts at SPC’s service stations and any designated outlets, but not with any other promotions or discounts, unless otherwise permitted by SPC.
  29. Where possible, permitted purchases that qualify to be recorded as a transaction in the Card will be listed down in a promotional catalogue (and such a catalogue may also be sent to the latest address of the Cardmember reflected on SPC’s records) and/or labeled in SPC’s service stations and any designated outlets. However, SPC will not be liable or responsible for any failure to label such permitted purchases or to list such permitted purchases down in a promotional catalogue. In the event that a promotional catalogue is issued, its contents shall be for the purpose of information only and shall not be construed for any other purposes whatsoever, including as constituting any offer, representation or warranty as to their availability.
  30. Cardmember must present his/her Card at SPC’s service stations and any designated outlets where Use of the Card is at any time allowed before making any payment. If his/her Card is not presented at the time of purchase, the Cardmember shall not be allowed to obtain or redeem benefits and/or privileges under or to participate in any promotions, offers or discounts under the Card at the particular point of purchase. If required or requested, Cardmember has to present his/her NRIC.
  31. Without prejudice to Clauses 28 and 30, in the event any transaction(s) was made but was not recorded, the Cardmember shall be required to provide proofs of purchase including receipts for the purposes of recording such purchases as a transaction in the Card, if so permitted by SPC. However, SPC reserves the right not to record such transaction(s), or to accept or reject such proofs at its sole and absolute discretion.
  32. If the record(s) of such transaction(s) in the Card is not used by the Cardmember to obtain or claim any benefits, privileges, promotions, offers or discounts within a specified period, the said record(s) shall expire absolutely at the end of that period and shall not be carried forward.
  33. Transactions recorded in one Card cannot be transferred, assigned to another card or combined with another Card, or otherwise dealt with except in accordance with the terms and conditions herein.
  34. Any transaction(s) pertaining to the Use of the Card cannot be undone and any benefits obtained cannot be returned or exchanged, and are not refundable for cash or credit under any circumstances whatsoever. In the event that SPC agrees at its sole discretion to allow the above, SPC reserves the right to charge the Cardmember an administrative fee.
  35. Any Use of the Card shall be irrevocable and irreversible, and any transaction(s) recorded thereunder shall not be cancelled or varied nor will there be a refund or payment of any kind to the Cardmember under any circumstances.
  36. SPC shall have the sole right and discretion to determine the number of times a Cardmember is allowed Use of the Card over a twenty-four (24) hour period or on a single calendar day, week or month or such other periods as SPC deems fit.
  37. In the event that redemption of any items on promotion or items eligible for benefits, privileges, offers or discounts (“Items”) may be effected by cash payment, the Cardmember shall make the payment at participating supplier’s outlet, SPC’s service stations or any designated outlets at which the Use of the Card is to be made or as instructed by SPC. Such payment shall be borne solely by the Cardmember and the Cardmember shall not dispute the amount payable.
  38. Any Use of the Card is subject to stock availability of Items and SPC reserves the right at any time to cancel, change, substitute or remove any benefits, privileges, promotions, offers or discounts related to the Use of the Card, or make amendments to, change or substitute the conditions relating to the same with or without notice to the Cardmember. Any Use of the Card at SPC’s service stations and any designated outlets shall be based on a first-come-first-served basis and at such hours as shall be permitted by SPC. Suppliers are not obliged to reserve stocks/goods for Cardmembers and neither SPC nor its supplier(s) shall be liable/responsible for any out of stock situations.
  39. In the event that such benefits, privileges, promotions, offers or discounts are issued by vouchers/coupons, such vouchers/coupons are valid for use subject to the expiry date specified on the said vouchers/coupons. All unused vouchers/coupons shall after the expiry date be deemed null and void, and no replacement shall be made of any such voucher/coupons by SPC. Use of such vouchers/coupons is subject to the terms and conditions contained therein and are valid for use only at such participating establishments as are stated thereon.
  40. The Items are available on an as-is basis, and shall exclude, among others, batteries, accessories and installation costs.
  41. If the Cardmember is requested by the supplier to pay any taxes, levies, duties, Goods and Services Tax (GST) or service charge in relation to the Use of the Card, such taxes, levies, duties, GST or service charge shall be borne solely by the Cardmember.
  42. Any Use of the Card may be subject to the suppliers’ terms and conditions, if any, e.g. participating redemption outlets, validity period and usage.
  43. The Cardmember is responsible to examine any Items upon collection and to reject any damaged or defective Items at SPC’s service stations or any designated outlets at which Use of the Card is made. Where such Item(s) is found to be damaged, defective or its contents incomplete, the Cardmember is to reject the Item(s) on the spot, to the cashier at the SPC service station, supplier or any person delivering the Item(s). Where it is not possible to check the Item(s) on the spot, any complaints of any such damage or defect must be lodged within seven (7) days of receipt of the Item(s) at the same place where the Item(s) was received. SPC or the supplier may at its discretion replace the Item(s), but is not obliged to do so. SPC is entitled to refuse such a replacement if the Item(s) has been found to be damaged by the negligent or deliberate acts of the Cardmember.
  44. In the event that there are any damaged or defective mechanical and/or electrical Items, SPC shall, pursuant to Clause 13, provide the Cardmember’s details to the supplier/manufacturer of such mechanical and/or electrical Items for the supplier/manufacturer to directly liaise with the Cardmember. Such Items may carry the guarantee/warranty of the supplier/manufacturer and the Cardmember shall be bound by such supplier’s/manufacturer’s guarantee/warranty.
  45. SPC makes no representation or warranty as to the quality of the Items, or liability for any defects or damage, or otherwise. The Cardmember agrees that any and all disputes concerning any Items so obtained pertaining to the Use of the Card shall be settled between the Cardmember and the supplier/manufacturer directly. SPC shall not in any way be involved or be brought in as a party to such disputes.
  46. Notwithstanding any other provisions and without prejudice to any other rights and remedies stated herein, SPC reserves the right to refuse Use of the Card where the transaction is suspected to be and/or is fraudulently recorded or obtained, erroneously recorded as a result of system glitches or for any other reasons as shall be determined at SPC’s sole discretion.

    Part D – Summary of Transactions (“Statements”)


  47. Statements may be issued by SPC and Cardmembers can receive the Statements online. While care is taken in producing the Statements, SRC does not warrant the accuracy of transactions stated therein. Cardmembers shall immediately notify SPC if they become aware of any inaccuracies in the Statements.
  48. SPC may at its absolute discretion and without assigning any reason discontinue the sending of Statements or change the frequency of sending the Statements to the Cardmembers.
  49. In the event Statements are issued and the Cardmember does not receive any Statements from SPC, the Cardmember shall immediately contact SPC Retail Hotline No. 1800-477-1800 to inform SPC of the same. The Cardmember shall provide any relevant information requested by SPC for verification purposes.

    Part E – Cardmembers’ Information


  50. The Cardmember shall promptly update his/her personal data on his/her online account information page to ensure Cardmember’s personal data is always current, complete and accurate.
  51. SPC shall be entitled to send correspondences and/or notices to the latest know address of the Cardmember that is on record with SPC and notices shall be deemed to have been given by SPC to a Cardmember on the day of delivery if sent by hand, or on the next working day after posting if sent by post.
  52. The Cardmember shall be responsible to ensure that he/she immediately contacts SPC in the event that he/she fails to receive any correspondences or notices from SPC and is aware of this. In the event of any fraud or theft as a result of the above, SPC shall not be responsible or liable for any transactions effected prior to the receipt by SPC of such notice and SPC shall have the right to handle and process any Use of the Card that was affected prior to such notification.
  53. Pursuant to Clause 13 and applicable law, SPC may send to Cardmember any form of promotional catalogues, pamphlets and notices.
  54. Subject to the foregoing relating to the use of Cardmember’s personal data, the Cardmember hereby authorizes SPC and/or its employees or servants to hold, make use of, disclose, divulge or reveal any information relating to the Cardmember and the Cardmember’s Use of the Card consistent with this SPC&U Terms and Conditions. In addition, the Cardmember agrees to allow SPC to disclose his/her personal data, including information relating to purchases and mode(s) of payment, for the purpose of maintaining the Cardmember’s account.

    Part F – Cancellation, Termination and Suspension by SPC


  55. SPC may at any time without assigning any reason whatsoever and without prior notice cancel, suspend and/or terminate the Card. The Cardmember shall not be entitled to any compensation for any such cancellation, suspension and/or termination. Un-utilised benefits, if any shall be immediately invalidated on cancellation, suspension and/or termination of the Card.
  56. SPC reserves the right to cancel/terminate any Card that has not been used for any continuous period of six (6) months and accordingly all unused benefits shall be immediately forfeited/invalidated.

    Part G – Exclusions by SPC


  57. Unless SPC is and has expressly held itself to be, in writing, the supplier of the Items, any Items listed in the promotional catalogues, pamphlets and notices refers to benefits and/or privileges (including goods and services) that are provided by the member merchants. SPC shall not be responsible for the quality or fitness for purpose or any other matters relating to any benefits or privileges (including goods or services) provided to the Cardmember upon Use of the Card.
  58. SPC makes no product representation or warranties, express or implied, and whether arising under any legislation or otherwise and disclaims any and all liability, as to the condition, quality, merchantability or fitness for use of goods/products and/or services provided to the Cardmember (whether at the merchant’s outlet or otherwise) upon Use of the Card, to the extent permitted by law. SPC will not be liable for any loss or injury suffered by Cardmembers, their family or third parties as a result of Use of the Card (whether direct, indirect, consequential, pecuniary or of any other nature), nor shall SPC be liable for any loss or damage to property as a result of Use of the Card.
  59. Without prejudice to any other terms and conditions set out herein, any liability SPC may owe to the Cardmember arising out of Use of the Card which cannot be excluded or which is not already provided herein is hereby limited, where permitted, to the reinstatement of the transaction record in the Card, or to the cost of Items in conjunction with Use of the Card, as SPC may determine at its sole and absolute discretion.
  60. SPC shall not be liable in any way whatsoever if any person fails and/or refuses to recognise or honour the Card for any reason whatsoever.
  61. SPC shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Cardmember by reason of any loss, theft or damage to any Items sent to the Cardmember by post, or any failure or omission to notify the Cardmember of any changes in the Use of the Card. SPC shall not be liable for any event or occurrence beyond the reasonable control of SPC, including but not limited to acts of God, war, and industrial disputes. SPC shall also not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Cardmember arising out of or in connection with the use of the Card that is not caused by the willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of SPC, its employees or agents.
  62. SPC shall not be liable for any erroneous handling or processing of the Use of the Card, any duplicate transactions, any loss of benefits, any errors, delays, damage or any other loss whatsoever suffered by the Cardmember whether as a result, directly or indirectly, of any breakdown, or failure of any machine, data processing or communication system or transmission link or an inability to retrieve any information or personal data from the computer system or for any reason whatsoever. SPC shall also not be liable for any loss of transaction records in the Card due to any act or omission of the operator of the service station, appointed agents, contractors and/or suppliers, unless this is the direct result of the willful misconduct or gross negligence of SPC, and in such event, SPC may at its sole discretion reinstate the lost transaction records and/or offer any other kind of discount to the Cardmember, or otherwise, as SPC may deem fit.
  63. Without prejudice to Clause 62, should there be a breakdown or failure of any machine, data processing or communication system or transmission link or an inability to retrieve any information or Cardmember’s personal data from the computer system, SPC may at its sole discretion apply a rate of discount to all Cardmembers, and Cardmembers will be required to provide personal data on a written form to record their purchases. SPC shall be entitled up ten to fifteen (10-15) working days for manual processing of such records.

    Part H – Assignment


  64. There shall be no assignment by the Cardmember. SPC may disclose Cardmember’s personal data to any proposed or actual partner, participant, assignee or transferee of any or all part of SPC’s operation or business (including SPC&U). SPC may also at any time assign all or any part of its rights and/or obligations relating to the Card without the prior consent of any Cardmember.

    Part I – Variation of Terms


  65. SPC may without notice to the Cardmember amend or vary any aspect of the Use of the Card, including the terms and conditions herein and/or the published details relating to the enjoyment of benefits and/or privileges, without being liable to the Cardmember in any manner whatsoever. Updated versions will be posted on SPC’s website.

    Part J – Miscellaneous


  66. Where a Card bears a name and/or mark indicating that the Card may be used to obtain benefits and/or privileges under any other programme, the prevailing terms and conditions governing that programme shall apply and SPC shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for the operation of that programme.
  67. SPC may, at any time in its absolute discretion and without assigning any reason, discriminate between different Cardmembers in that benefits or privileges may be offered or granted to certain categories of Cardmembers but not to others.
  68. In the event that any provision or condition herein shall be or at any time shall become invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect under any law, such invalidity, illegality or un-enforceability shall not in any way affect or impair any other provisions or conditions herein and these terms and conditions shall be construed as if such invalid or illegal or unenforceable provision or condition had never been contained herein.
  69. Where a Cardmember is incapable or rendered incapable, by reason of death, mental disorder or permanent disability, of managing and administering his/her property, affairs and estate, upon the happening of any of the events indicated above, all unused benefits pertaining to the Card shall be automatically invalidated and will not inure to the benefit of any other persons, including the representatives and/or the estate of the Cardmember.
  70. Any claim or dispute relating to the programme or to the Use of the Card shall be referred to SPC directly, whose decision shall be final and binding on the Cardmember, and SPC’s records of all matters relating to the programme shall be conclusive and binding on the Cardmember.
  71. Notwithstanding anything stated herein, SPC’s rights and entitlement herein shall continue to remain in full force and effect and shall survive any cancellation, revocation or suspension of the programme, the Use of the Card, and/or the Cardmember’s participation in the programme.
  72. The terms and conditions herein stated shall be in addition to and not in derogation of any specific agreement or arrangement with regard to the programme now or hereafter, and from time to time, subsisting between SPC and the Cardmember, and/or any terms and conditions that may be specified in any written communication notified by SPC to the Cardmember from time to time.
  73. SPC reserves the right to invite or allow any other companies to participate in the programme, and in such event, to modify the programme and any of the terms and conditions provided herein or other agreements or other documents relating to the programme, including but not limited to the conditions for permitted purchases that can qualify for any benefit, privilege, promotion, offers or discounts.
  74. These terms and conditions are governed by Singapore law. The Cardmember hereby submits irrevocably to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore Courts.