SPC has unveiled a new visual identity for its retail network of service stations, revitalizing its station experience for one and all.

The new station design presents SPC’s fresh take on modernity and youthful energy, expressed in a balanced mix of bold colours – red, grey and orange. The Choices convenience store undergoes a facelift, donning a new image that incorporates Singapore’s iconic landmarks to introduce a distinctive identity of SPC – one of Singapore’s iconic homegrown brand.

Designed with a conscious effort to provide a safe and pleasant refuelling experience, SPC is the first service station network in Singapore installed with a 2nd Stage Vapour Recovery (VR2) System at its fuel pumps. This innovative initiative ensures cleaner air and a safer refuelling environment for SPC’s customers. The newly designed stations are equipped with environment-friendly, energy-saving LED lights and safety features such as designated anti-slip walkways in the forecourt. To minimise fire hazards, new SPC stations uses full aluminium structures on the canopy and claddings, while SPC’s new staff uniform comes with anti-static properties.

The new retail image retains the SPC brand name as it incorporates logo elements of its parent company, PetroChina.

PetroChina’s flower-shaped logo symbolises a commitment to ensure harmony between the development of the energy industry and the environment. It consists of ten petals, each representing the ten-core business of PetroChina. The solid red base illustrates the company’s strength and cohesion, while the rising sun in the centre of the logo symbolises a brilliant future.

This new visual identity will be progressively introduced and applied to SPC retail stations, signages, tank trucks, marketing and communication collaterals.

The company believes the new and energetic visual identity shall reinvigorate the brand, representing SPC’s continued efforts to move with the times.

Once again, SPC delivers our promise that SPC Keeps Getting Better.


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