Why Join Us

Singapore Home-Grown Brand

Since 1969, SPC has been fuelling Singapore’s drive towards being a Global Energy Hub. We are continuously focused on attracting our desired people talents, and equally committed on motivating and retaining our employees towards performance excellence.

Member of a major Global and Large Oil & Gas company

Being a member of PetroChina, one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world since 2009, we have substantially increased our competitive advantage; enabling us to strengthen our human capital strategies and talent pools. We will continue to build on our capabilities, performance and commitment towards our employees, devoting the necessary resources to fuel our growth and ensure the company is successful in overcoming its business challenges.

Progressive Vision

We are driven by our Vision “To be a Leading Energy Trading Company in Asia Pacific”, guided by our Mission to “Deliver Excellent Value to our Customers. Conduct ourselves professionally, ethically and safely. Care for our People, Community and the Environment”, and strengthened by our core values of “Integrity, Initiative, Safety and Harmony” in defining the way we work.

Come and be part of this proud Singapore company, and embark on our exciting journey towards achieving our Vision and shape the energy industry landscape of Asia Pacific.

Life at SPC

We believe in having a committed workforce

SPC believes that a committed workforce is necessary for organisational growth. At SPC, human capital strategies are focused on the continuous strengthening, motivating and refreshing of the talent pool to sharpen SPC’s competitive edge.

We believe in providing a safe and healthy working environment

The company is committed to providing a clean, healthy, safe and secure work environment in the pursuit of its business and organizational objectives. With our open door policy, every employee has the opportunity to interact with and reach out to the leaders in our company to share their views and inputs.

We believe in developing our people

Recognising that people are vital to business and organizational sustainability, SPC remains strongly focused on growing and developing its people’s potential to meet the challenges ahead. We support on-the-job learnings, and the company provides in-house and external training courses to build the capabilities, competencies and skill sets of its workforce.

We reward for team and performance excellence

Motivating and retaining staff has always been a crucial component of SPC’s growth strategy. SPC’s remuneration policy is critical to drive its workforce towards performance excellence. Our policy is anchored by the key principles of:

  1. Aligning teams and employees’ interest with that of the company’s stakeholders
  2. Attracting, motivating and retaining high potential and high performing individuals

We make every effort for employees to have fun too!

It is not all just work. The company organises numerous social events and activities throughout the year to constantly engage employees. Employees are highly encouraged to participate and have fun! We work hard and play hard.

Job Opportunities

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