In line with its vision to be a strong integrated oil and gas company, SPC diversified into the upstream sector in 2000. Its upstream portfolio has since grown to nine assets in the Asia-Pacific region. SPC will continue to further develop the exploration potential of its existing acreages, and acquire more upstream assets to boost its oil and gas production base. The expansion of SPC’s businesses creates and delivers sustainable future growth for the SPC Group.

Today, SPC’s exploration and production (E&P) portfolio comprises eight Production Sharing Contracts (PSCs), one exploration permit and two gas pipelines. Its E&P footprint extends across five countries – Australia, Cambodia, China, Indonesia and Vietnam.

SPC’s E&P assets are mainly focused in the Asia-Pacific region. It will continue to extend its footprint within the region and further beyond as it positions itself to become an international E&P player. While increasing its E&P acreages, the Company carries out rigorous appraisal and evaluation of existing properties, utilising state-of-the-art technology.

Natural Gas is increasingly important in the region’s energy mix. SPC has strategic interests in several cross-border gas pipelines which form a critical part of an emerging Trans-ASEAN Gas Pipelines (TAGP) network. SPC continues to strengthen its alliance with ASEAN member countries and seeks to sustain and enhance energy growth and development in the region.