Managing Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) issues and preserving the environment will always remain a top business priority in SPC. It is the prerequisite for comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, and for corporate excellence. Responsibilities for safety and environmental protection are extremely important.

SPC, including its contractors, shall maintain a HSE program conforming to the best available practices in our industry. Safety considerations shall be taken into account in everything we do. Most importantly, everyone is responsible for one’s own safety and expected to conduct their business in a safe and efficient manner and to adhere to all HSE policy and procedure. The objective is to reduce the number of HSE incidents to zero.

We fully respect the value of life and prioritize the life and security of the publics and of all the staff. Meanwhile, we take on shoulders the responsibilities to protect the natural environment and corporate assets. We strive to eliminate potential insecurities by protecting the environment, saving energy and pursuing clean development so as to achieve development in a safe, green, and harmonious manner.