SPC holds a 50% interest in a refinery through the Singapore Refining Company (SRC) Private Limited. The refinery is capable of processing 290,000 barrels of crude oil per day.

SPC’s core refining business encompasses the production and supply of quality refined fuel products from SRC. Quality refined fuel products are traded through a regional and international network, as well as an established distribution in Singapore and within Jurong Island.

One of Refining’s strategic goals for SRC to achieve long-term competitiveness is by continuously upgrading SRC to a more complex configuration. There are many in-house and strategic projects planned which are important to sustain SRC’s operations. These projects focus on safety and reliability, compliance, sustainability and replacement. A recent notable capital project at SRC is the completion of the Gasoline Clean Fuels and Cogeneration plant in 2017. The new facility enhances the refinery’s capability to produce higher-quality gasoline products while achieving energy self-sufficiency.

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