What is the new SPC&U card?
Is the SPC&U programme a point-based accumulation system?
Can I still use the old SPC&U card (Red/Yellow)?
When can I exchange or apply for the new SPC&U card?
How do I get the new SPC&U card?
Why do I need to provide my NRIC/FIN number?
What else must I do after getting my new SPC&U card?
What are the full benefits if I am a registered SPC&U member?
What benefits do I get if I do not register my new SPC&U card?
How much will it cost to get an SPC&U card?
Do I need to pay for replacement if I lose or damage my card?
Is there any expiry date for the SPC&U membership?
Can I have more than 1 SPC&U card to my NRIC/FIN for my family?
Do I need to fill up an application form?
How do I register my new SPC&U card?
How do I update my personal details?
What is SPC going to do with my personal data?
How secure is your system to protect my personal data?
How do I get a replacement card for my lost or damage card?
How do I receive e-coupons?
What are the terms and conditions for e-coupons?
How do I know how many e-coupons I have in my account?
Can I use multiple or combine e-coupons in my purchase?
How about the Birthday Treat Campaign?
Why is my registration not successful?
How do I reset my password if I forgot my password?
If I had entered my date of birth wrongly, how do I amend it?