Commercial & Industrial

SPC is a key supplier of bulk automotive diesel oil, marine gas oil, gasoline, liquid petroleum gas and asphalt/bitumen to the Singapore market.

SPC’s automotive diesel oil and gasoline powers the fleets of transportation companies, government agencies and support power stations’ requirements. Our automotive diesel oil and gasoline is also used by the industrial, construction and manufacturing sectors’ for their plant and machinery operations.

SPC’s marine gas oil is typically sold on ex-wharf basis to barging companies and on a delivered basis to offshore islands.

In the liquid petroleum gas (LPG) market in Singapore, SPC is one of the leading suppliers in bulk to domestic bottlers, who in turn supply the gas to industrial users, eateries and household cylinder users.

When it comes to road building, SPC’s asphalt/bitumen is supplied by bulk to leading premix companies and blend mainly for road paving purpose. It is also sold ex-gate in bitu-container for export.

At SPC, we always deliver quality products and value to all our customers.

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